Will short term rentals be put on hold?

How bad is the impact from Short Term rentals in Lisbon?

It’s not something that worries us. Still we get reminded about being foreigners when we leave the hotel and see the tags on the walls against gentrification, mass tourism and more hostile ones.

This was unheard of only a few years ago.



Like in most other European cities this hostility is caused by the excessive investments in local housing (short term holiday rentals) that force the locals out of their homes.

This ‘eviction’ is no secret – take a walk in Alfama and after a few minutes you feel it – the absence of local life. In Santa Maria Maior alone (Alfama, Baixa, Bairro Alto etc) the number of families are reduced from 12,000 to 10,000 in less than 4 years – at the same time the number of housing (holiday rental) units has increased from 43 to 759.

The problem is now so severe that the local politicians feel the impact from the decrease in voters. Santa Maria Maior Miguel Coelho is now taking action by suggesting a suspension in licensing until there is a permanent solution to the problem.


The problem in Lisbon is more complicated than other European Cities

As opposed to cities like Barcelona, Berlin and Copenhagen that has taken actions against short-term rentals, Lisbon is in a huge dilemma. The last year’s massive investments has ‘rescued’ the city from falling apart – travelers who are shocked to see the condition of the once beautiful houses everywhere, should have been her only a few years ago where huge parts of Lisbon looked like the slum we had in Copenhagen and other European cities in the 60’s.

Because of the foreign investments the city is blooming. And so is the construction industry.

So if nothing happens – if things continue as they do now – Lisbon will become a very beautiful city, but empty of local life.



2,000 Families evicted from the historic center of Lisbon in four years

Jornal I LOGOPresident of the parish council of Santa Maria Maior requests suspension of the licensing of local accommodation until the legislation is approved.

This is the solution pointed out by Miguel Coelho to stop the ‘wave of evictions’ that has already been classified by Helena Roseta as a ‘time bomb’.

Read: Ricardo Cabral Fernandes and Sónia Peres Pinto’s informative story in JornalI 







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