Guess where The New York Times’ 36 hr in Lisbon starts?

36 Hours in Lisbon

new-york-times-logo-vertIn the Portuguese capital, a weekend’s worth of seafood feasts, chic rooftop bars, undulating streets and landmarks, both Old World and futuristic.

To gain some perspective on Lisbon’s undulating terrain, ascend the city’s highest hill into the Graça district.

Start at the Graça Convent, whose tiled chapel and Baroque cloister opened to the public for the first time after recent restorations (free).

Then head outside to admire one of the city’s finest miradouros (viewpoints) that sweeps across the terracotta-tiled rooftops.

Read Ingrid K. William’s suggestions in The New York



If you are curious to know about The Martyrdom of Georgian Queen Ketevan and how and why the horror tiles are in Graça, we blogged about here.

Graça is a good spot to start your 36 hours visit in Lisbon.

Together with our own Miradouro da Senhora do Monte the Graça Miradouro five minutes walk from Tings is one of the best sunset spots in Lisbon.

And Ingrid Willams is right when she highlights the Graça Convent and the chapel’s tiles.

But why on earth doesn’t she mention the grotesque story the tiles tell: The Martyrdom of Georgian Queen Ketevan? 

10 years ago we heard about the horrible torture scenery and when we moved to Graça we spend hours  searching for them.

An it was only by coincidence that we found them.

They we’re on the walls of the small chapel we entered to see the opening of the The Procession of Corpus Christi exhibition a year go,

The rest of the  The new York Times suggestions are the usual suspects. 

8a Colina Graca Quiosque

One of our new sunny spots in Graça – 8a Colina¨s Quiosque on the square.

Nothing’s wrong with that. Their suggestions are OK if you visit Lisbon for the first time.

But it’s not correct when then write that:  brews from Portuguese craft breweries, like Dois Corvos and Passarola Brewing are hard to find. They are not!. 

Craft beers are everywhere.

And we even have our own craft beer quiosque with a unique selection of craft beers from our local Graça brewery 8a Colina.

So why not end your 36 hours visit to Lisbon where your start – in Graça.


Annette & Thomas




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