Surfers and Beach Lovers. Why not stay at the beach?


Sex on a beach is so much more than a cocktail.

Maybe thats why Viva A Vida Vans’ Adventure perks are so popular…

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10 days ago we shared Viva A Vida Vans‘ crowdfunding campaign on Indigogo for their super cool and funky vans

Two days ago Viva A Vida Vans passed their 5,000 € goal thanks to 5 super adventure perks perfect for travellers who dream of a road-trip in a funky Van but usually can’t afford it.

17 more days to make your dream come true

Surfers who want to wake up with the first early waves or beach lovers who wants to get straight out of bed and directly into the morning waves still have the chance to pimp up the Lisbon holiday with one of Viva A Vida Vans’ super offers.

Just reach out and pick your perk:


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