Stencil Mantras at Tings Lisbon – Dirty and Blind and Urban

From Thursday 7 June Tings Lisbon will be covered with Urban Art

Stencil Mantras by Nuno Mega is an exhibition of stencil and spray graphic pieces, the predominant mark of the artist’s work.

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Stencil Mantra’s by Nuno Mega aka Dirty Cop aka Blindsniper is our 5th event at Tings Lisbon.

As its predecessors we invite  neighbours, friends, hotel guests and art lovers to kick off  the exhibition with a small casual reception on Thursday 7 June from 6 – 8 pm at the restaurant and lounge at Tings Lisbon Cozinha Urbana.

Fazer das tripas coração – according to Dirty Cop


About the art and the artist

Dirty Cop, Blind Sniper, Kaput Dogs, Full Void or Strike … Nuno Mega’s identities blend into the graphic records he leaves behind the city walls.


Nuno Mega acknowledges that he has always had a passion for graphics and printing. Photocopies, the mother’s art history book, a mountain of drawings and paintings filled up his childhood.

The mustachioed Mexican, will probably be his best known sticker and granted hima place in the urban art of Lisbon. He was born in Luanda and grew up in Santarém, returning from a scenario of war that would punctuate his work with some military references.

Later he studied industrial modeling and fashion design in order to explore new materials and techniques. He made a collection of shirts for men and names it Dirty Cop, the first of a series of identities that sign his works. He then begins a path to recycling and retrieves toys, household items, in fact, anything he can add value with a stencil and a spray can.

This is precisely the basis of the exhibition Stencils Mantras, a set of pieces reinvented by Nuno Mega and an exterior mural.

The exhibition Stencil Mantras can be seen from June 7 and continues Tings Lisbon’s mission – to create a space for art and Portuguese artists…

Like all our events we proviode the space for free and cover all costs. And all sales go directly to the artist.

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