St Antonio Friends

We love when friends pass by

One of the advantages of moving to Europa after 8 years in Nepal and Myanmar are the friends that spontaneously pass by – just to say halo. Something that never happens in Kathmandu (for obvious reasons LOL).

A few days ago we got a mail from Bruno and Margaretha who live in Sintra: Do you have a room – we want to join St Antonio.


Last time they were here was more than a year ago – when Tings was a ruin. We had our doubts as they said when we talked about their first visit. Look how amazing it is! 


To all our friends out there – we love to get spontaneous visits

The other day we got this wonderful message from them with some of the photos they took – of our lovely house, of their new friends, of our delicious food and of Nuno Mega’s art that was made for their wall 🙂

Ola Thomas & Annette,
What a ❤️:stay & generously welcoming.

Thank’s for everything!
We’ll be back, for sure.



One thought on “St Antonio Friends

  1. I just write reviews where you will find the enthusiasm and ambition to create something new & interesting.
    And Things Lisboa get “All In” in Care & Details!

    It’s a Small Place with a Big Soul , Great Urban Kitchen & Fabulous Blog that’s also takes you to the secret places too in Lisboa.

    That’s why you get curious about Things Kathmandu and other places that might be in pipeline for the future 👌

    Ps) Everyone can build a nice hotel, but only Annette & Thomas can build up a Tings Hotel, find the right place for it .. & put a soul into it. And I❤️ great entrepreneurs

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