Going to Lisbon? With these links no Guidebook is needed

Guide books are good for inspiration

But when it comes to facts such as opening hours, transportation, new places to eat and go they get more and more outdated because of their deadlines.

After being collectors of Lonely Planet, Rough GuideLe Guide du Routard in the 80’s and 90’s we rarely use them any more. Instead we get inspiration from Magazines and once we have decided where to go we use blogs and travel communities.

If you are planning to go to Lisbon – or maybe you’ve already decided to go – here is a collection of links that will help you planning your visit. There are thousands of other – and probably better links out there. But these will cover most of the travelers needs.

If you need inspiration we have hundreds of post on this blog about what we find interesting: Our own discoveries, our own experiences, stories we have found on various media, stories from friends and relevant news and info’s in general. 


Annette & Thomas


Praia Bela Vista

One of the things we love about Lisbon are all the fantastic beaches you can reach within an hour. We blog frequently about them – and lots of travelers use our stories. Click op the photo to get more info.


Lisbon Portugal Tourist Guide


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