Moving to Lisbon? Here are all the answers to your questions

We’re back on the blog!

Sorry about our absence. But our world the last two weeks have been very hectic & exhausting but fantastic.

Exhausting because we have been drowning in work finishing our guest kitchen, re-decorating rooms, making our garden ready for the season and taking care of our guests – we have been fully booked 🙂

Dinner at Tings Lisbon

Dinner in our garden for 42 people with Cozinha Urbana’s BBQ followed by DJ and dancing in the lounge worked fantastic..

The biggest project was our friends 25th Wedding Anniversary which they celebrated here at Tings with 42 friends. The first time in many years that we have been surrounded by so many friends for almost a week.

So there has been a lot of catching up and as always a lot af talk about our – in many people’ eyes – radical decision of leaving our comfortable life in Copenhagen which have inspired us to this post.


How is it starting up?

Together with “Why did you leave Denmark to start-up Tings Kathmandu?” this is our  friend’s most frequent question. Guess they have reached an age where they start  planning their otium 🙂  

But truth is – we never really thought about this or about How much does it cost living here? Is it difficult to start-up a business? How is the tax? Health care? Real Estate prices? What about health care, Bureaucracy, salaries etc. and all the other questions that followed. Guess we didn’t want to risk answers that would make us change our decision. (One of our mottos is: It’s the easiest thing in life to get excuses for NOT doing things)

Opposite Kathmandu 10 years ago its much easier today to get answers, insights and inspiration to most of the things and issues related to living and/or starting up. Especially in Lisbon that has been on the world’s agenda for years. During our 4 years here, we have regularly written about these topics on the blog. But mostly related to Starting Up a Business.


Søren Svendsen - Rainy Day in Lisbon 1

Blanca Valbuena is right. Lisbon is not as cheap as before. And don’t expect the delicacies Portugal is known for if you pay 6 – 8 € pr menu! To get the good olive oil, the best fish, the flake salt, sunny tomatoes – cook your self! Or pay…


Are you considering moving to Lisbon?

If you’re considering moving here and need an idea about daily life in Lisbon it’s not difficult getting the information.

This weekend I found a fantastic blog – Blanca\Valbuena – that covers almost all aspects of cost of living and various alternatives and situations: Neighbourhoods in Lisbon, 50 Must Have Tips For Moving to Lisbon, Getting a Bank Account, Buying a car, etc.


Lisbon Prices: A Guide to how much you’ll pay for things in Lisbon

imageedit_19_6234872821Lisbon can be a very affordable city, but due to its popularity, prices have been increasing.

In fact, Lisboa can now be more expensive for tourists than Madrid, Budapest, and Athens. Living in Lisbon as an expat is not as affordable as it once was. However, that depends on how travel or life savvy you are. If you do your research, you can still enjoy great value in Lisbon. Let me give you an idea of how much things cost in Lisbon:

Check out Blanca Valbuenas’ guide here: Lisbon Prices: A guide to how much you’ll pay for things in Lisbon


Blanca\Valbuena is the best Facts about Life In Lisbon guide right now.

Not only have we lived a ‘normal’ life here the last years. We have been through all process of starting up, we have been through a big construction project, we have experienced the bureaucracy, we have lost money, hiring staff, dealt with lawyers and accountants and been at the hospital 🙂

So trust us in this – after 30 min on Blanca\Valbuena you either leave right away or stay at home 🙂

But remember one thing – meeting and talking face to face is always the best way to get answers. So if you are around don’t hesitate to come by and hear about our experiences.

See you

Thomas & Annette


NOTE: Prices and fees on Blanca\Valbuena may need an update – depending on the time you read them, And all information may not be 100% accurate. Like prices for Legal services where the fees may be correct BUT some of them are unnecessary. Like NIF for an NRH residency this takes you 30 minutes to register online and cost you nothing.



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