Here is the recipe for our breakfast bread

This is how we make our bread

Bread of Life

Bread has been the most commen food item since the beginning of time. For obious reasons. Its cheap, easy to make and made the right way – some of the most delicious thing you can put in your mouth 🙂

I have made my own bread for 40 years. Not only is it cheap. You can make good bread all over the world: You only need flour, yeast and water – that’s it!But more important – bread is so easy to make that everybody canlearn it in a few minutes.

When we arrived in Kathmandu we realised that not only was the good quality bread we like so much impossible to get. But worse – the lousy bread available was extremely expensive.

So the only way we was able to serve good bread and plenty of it for breakfast was to start making  our own.

In Lisbon you have bread everywhere. Its cheap – but very bad. We still insist on serving good  serving good bread and plenty of it for our breakfast. So we just continue baking it ourselves.

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Pedro got our recipe

People seems to like it.

The last 4 weeks we have received mails from 6 guests who wants the recipe which we are more than happy to share.

But instead of writing it again and again I have decided to publish it here on the blog so all interested can get it.

Any questions?

Call me.



Our bread recipe

Phase 1:


STEP 1 – INGREDIENTS: 600 gr wheat flour, 15 gr yeast (the amount depending on the quality of the flour), 500 ml COLD water & salt (I like salty bread and use around 1 table-spoon) – olive oil for the Dutch ovens


STEP 2: Mix the salt in the flour. Dissolve the yeast in the cold water


STEP 3: Mix in the dissolved water/yeast in the flour/salt


STEP 4: Stir loosely for a minute – until the flour is dissolved. The dough is very wed


STEP 5: Put the dough in a plastic box with enough ‘space’ for the dough to grow (to around dbl amount).


STEP 6: 10 min after you started preparing the bread – place the wet dough in the fridge and leave for 24 hr 🙂

Phase 2: Then next morning

[caption id="attachment_39232" align="alignnone" width="500"]BREAD 7 STEP 7: Take a Dutch Oven and grease with olive oil – be generous ;.) Place the in the oven WITH THE LIT ON – (around 220 C depending on the mood of your oven – EACH OVENS HAVE ITS OWN PERSONALITY)


STEP 8: After 5 minutes – take out the Dutch Ovens and put (or rather pour) in the dough


STEP 9: Place the Dutch Ovens in the oven WITH THE LIT ON for around 30 minutes. THEN remove the lit and leave for 10 – 15. minutes more (until the bread feels ‘solid’ with a crunchy surface)


STEP 10: After around 45 minutes in total the bread is finished – should cool down before eating. NOTE: The bread is perfect the following day – AND excellent for toasts from day 3!

Isn’t it easy?

The biggest barrier for NOT making your own bread are mental.

Once you have the Dutch Oven (we have tried several ones – the best one so far is Senior from IKEA that costs 50 €) you can make your own bread for as cheap as 50 Cents…. in only 10 – 15 minutes  🙂


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