Lisbon has alternatives to Azulejo Museum like Palácio Fronteira

No reason to waste time in a museum to enjoy Lisbon’s tiles

Just realized that we’re aren’t the only ones who find museums boring. And we’re not the only ones who find the Tile Museum among the most boring ones.

Almost all our guests who have visited the Museu Nacional do Azulejo share our opinion. Those who do like it have a special interest in techniques, traditions, colors etc – so if you share these interests you should definitely give it a visit.

All others  we recommend to enjoy the unique tiles that are scattered all over Lisbon.

Like Palácio Fronteira that is featured in today’s Wall Street Journal


Palácio Fronteira - Tiles

A Portuguese Palace That’s a Tile Lover’s Dream Destination

wall street journal transp… I was of two minds about the tiles, which, in spite of variations in pattern and quality, are essentially variations on a single medium. Besotted when they were splendid, I was repelled when they were pedestrian.

On a trip this spring, I decided to delve deeper into their development by visiting Lisbon’s Palácio Fronteira. Built as a 17th-century hunting lodge, and later remade into a genuine palace in the 18th century, it is a repository of European tile work—marked by a preponderance of Portuguese tiles, a crucial dash of Dutch, and a putative smattering of Spanish.

Read J.S. Marcus’s feature on Palácio Fronteira in The Wall Street Journal


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