An egg tart odyssey through Lisbon!

The sights are the same – but the key to them varies

Most travellers have the same sights on their Lisbon to-see-lists. 

But the way to the sights varies…

In today’s The Daily Star its an egg tart odyssey that takes you by Lisbon’s most popular tourist sites with ‘tactical’ stops at Fabrica de NataPasteis de BelemConfeiteria Nacional and Manteigaria.

Bon Appetit


Confeitaria Nacional

10 minutes walk down hill from Tings (on Praça da Figueira) you find Confeiteria Nacional – one of Europe’s oldest cake shops

Lisbon – the City of Egg Tarts

The Daily Star TRANSP“What made you decide on Lisbon?” our Uber driver asks, as he winds his way through the rolling, narrow cobblestone streets of Bairro Alto.

“Egg tarts,” is the reply.

This is not untrue; most of my travels are at least in some part prompted by gastronomic ends.

Read Tonima Hossain’s egg-tart Odyssey in The Daily Star


Insider tip: An absolute gem of a café – Pastelaria Versailles

Pastelarie Versailles Saldanha

Our own favorit – Pastelaria Versailles in Saldanha – is not on the tart odessey. Once you go there – all the others don’t exist 🙂

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