Shraddha did it again. Like in Kathmandu she has changed a room.

How Sax Twin became Cats Den


John Coltrane

Coltrane, Dolphy and Gordon – 3 Cool Cats on the Eastern Wall

Located on the first floor in the small house this small twin room is quite cool, cozy and comical.

Lets be honest – we had a few problems with this room. Not big problems: The guest who stayed in the room the first year like it, the two single beds are good, the bath room works fine, and how many rooms do you get with a French door with view to Lisbon’s most popular Miradouro, and cool and original art on the walls ?

Cats In Bath

Ginie, Pretty, Otto and Tiger’s first encounter with a bath tub

But not even the super portraits of some of the coolest ‘cats’ in the history of Jazz provided the jazz feel we tried to get. Cool maybe – but not cozy.

Then we got Otto, Pretty, Tiger and Ginie

Jazz Cats 5

Room with a view gets a new meaning here…

Cats are an important part of Tings Kathmandu. The way Ally and Rosey meows and purrs – not to mention the way they relax in the sun – makes our guests forget everything and relax.

So now we also have cats at Tings Lisbon. Four!

When 6 weeks old Otto, Pretty, Tiger and Ginie entered our lives, everything changed.

Jazz Cats 4

And river view, whats not to like?

So did The Sax Twin Room as this room was called originally – but with a big help from our very dear friend Shradda Shresta from Kathmandu (aka Macha 73 aka Deadline). She was working in an art project in Brussels and used the occasion to visit us in Lisbon.


Spiritual Hair day – Shradda’s super wall in our Sunny Corner room at Tinmgs Kathmandu

When she saw the four baby beauties she got inspired, and asked if she could paint the room she stayed in.

In 2014 she did the same with one of our rooms at Tings Kathmandu which became one of our most popular rooms. So we said YES.

And she did it again.

After two days she changed the room completely. Opposite the wall with the photo portraits of cool Jazz Cats she has added our four new cosy and comic Cats.

So the cool but cold Jazz Twin room became the cool, comical and cozy Den for our Jazz Cats.

Price (low/high season): € 65/85


True Jazz Cats – it doesn’t get more cool 🙂

Prices are including vat & breakfast – go to bookings to read more about what you pay for, before you send us your booking by mail


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