D-A-D visits Portugal!

On 17 August D-A-D plays in Coimbra

DAD 25th bike.png

After more than 30 years DAD is still among the rock bands coming from Denmark right now.

On 17 August the guys will play at the 25th International Motorbike Festival in Góis, Coimbra only 2 hr drive from Lisbon.

I have followed the band since they released Call of the Wild back in 1986 and I can’t remember all the concerts I have been to. But all of them have been fantastic – and one of them is still among my personal Top-10-list of Live events, and I have been to a lot!

Since we left Denmark in 2009 our friends have kept asking us if we missed cheese, licorice and other Danish delicacies. The ‘only’ things we have been desperate to get are art and culture events. Concerts, exhibitions, performances, theaters, movies and all the other art and culture events you don’t get in Nepal.


So imagine how exited I got when I heard rumours about an up-coming D-A-D concert in Portugal. And imagine my disappointment when I heard that the concert date was on the 17 August where we have to be in Copenhagen 🙁

The only positive thing is that after having read the reviews of D-A-D’s concerts the last week and especially after hearing the brand new track Smack from the bands concert in  Italy a week ago I am pretty sure there will be more D-A-D concerts waiting for me in the future.

They guys play better than ever!



D-A-D plays the new track Smack live at Luppolo in Rock, Cremona, Italy 15-7-2018



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