Heat wave from Sahara hits Lisbon. Go to the beach :-)

Portugal breaks temperature records amid heat wave

abc NEWS transparantTemperatures were being driven higher across the Iberian peninsula by a hot air mass moving northward from Africa, which is also bringing dust from the Sahara Desert, meteorologists said.

The dust gave the sky a dark yellow hue in some places.

abc NEWS today

Weather Lisbon

Today in Lisbon the temperature peaked at 43°C and left the city empty. The heat it self was not the worst – it was the absence of the usual breeze from the Atlantic that made it unbearable.

In case of an emergency: Go To Th Beach 🙂

The weather will been the same – and maybe even warmer the – next days.

But don’t panic.

Lisbon is surrounded by fantastic beaches. And if you have a car we have paradise beaches 30 minutes from downtown that are much better to the over crowded beaches between Lisbon and Cascais…


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