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Comporta: Why Portugal’s low-key celebrity haunt is the perfect antidote to the Algarve.

Independant Logo TranspIt’s easy to be seduced by the relaxed vibe in Comporta, the antithesis of the Algarve, located just over an hour’s drive south of Lisbon.

It’s at the base of the Troia Peninsula, a narrow strip of land sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and the Sado River estuary in the Alentejo, Portugal’s rural heartland.

Sarah Gilbert, The Independent 7 August 2018

We rarely recommend people to stay in Comporta.

Comporta is a charming village – but very small with only few places to eat. So unless you need a spot to relax (or work) and do absolutely NOTHING we recommend Comporta as a day trip by car via charming Alcácer do Sal. And depending on your time include Évora – the total driving for this circuit is around 4 hours.

Évora is also a perfect place to stay for the night if you are on a Portugal By Car Travel



The 20 km long Comporta Beach is one of our personal top 5 beaches in the world. No People only dolphins. We stay here – around midway between Troia (in the Horizon) and Setubal


Comporta is one of our absolute favorite beaches in the world

We don’t like the official Comporta beach itself – or the other official beaches near by. We find them too crowed to our taste (though much less than the ‘developed’ beaches).

We always stop on the 20 km stretch between Troja (take the car ferry from Setubal) and Comporta.

Park the car on the main road and cross the huge sand dunes for 20 minutes. The effort is worth every drop of sweat. When you climb the last dune you reach one of the best beaches in the world (and we have seen a lot). And depending on where you park your car  you will probably have it to yourself – our maybe together with a few dolphins passing by.

Don’t forget to bring water and a beach parasol…


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