Sacred Spaces Dressed in Blue — Chasing Bright Shiny Objects in Porto

Ever tried to let colors determine your decisions?

One of my friends – and old colleague – died a few weeks ago, much too young. A crazy dude who was specialized in doing things his own way… finding ways to break habits.

Years ago I asked him to organize a staff picnic to Bakken, the oldest amusement parks in the world 30 minutes drive north from Copenhagen.

He divided us in to 3 teams: A Red Team, Blue Team and a Green Team… maybe one more.

Then he told us to get lost in the amusement park for 2 hours and collect points… But how do we get points… someone asked. Oh – the blue team just get blue points, the red team red points etc.

Porto in Blue

One of my own Blue Porto shots

That was it???!!!.

2 hours later when we all gathered for dinner and shared our nonsense experiences it turned out that we all have created the same rules: The Blue team have only had blue cocktails, blue candy, blue ice creams, were sitting in the rollercoaster’s blue car, bought blue balloons, gambled on blue things etc.

Same did the other teams….

This morning I discovered a blog that showed med Porto in blue only… (JB RIP)


Never did I imagine that I would find a place where cobalt blue takes on such heavenly forms as it does in Portugal. Many, many shutter clicks later I have too many examples of the Portuguese love of tile.

Instead I thought I’d share my fave ecclesiastical applications. The opening shot is two churches bisected […]

Check out Blue Porto on  Sacred Spaces Dressed in Blue — Chasing Bright Shiny Objects


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