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The best street art in Lisbon is 1 hr from us

Lisbon has become a pilgrimage site for artists and street art aficionados. We get mails every week from guests and friends who ask about the scene: Where to go, what to see and when.

Today Lisbon has so many walls that most travellers won’t have time to see them all. And stressing around to ✓ walls in parts of town with nothing else to see (or do) at the expense of all the beautiful parts Lisbon offers with lots of things to see don’t make any sense. So unless people are looking for specific artists we usually tell them to combine – or include – street art in whatever itinerary the may have. Lisbon has art everywhere.

In some occasion we recommend people to book a guided tour OR download a street art map on their mobile and do a tour themselves – by foot or on bicycle.

When dedicated street art connoisseurs with plenty of time contact us we recommend them to check out Quinta do Mocho that has grown from a suburban troubled neighborhood a few years ago to Europe’s biggest and coolest Open Air Gallery with more than 80 official walls bye Portuguese and foreign artists.

Yesterday The Independent brought a super feature about Quionto do Mocho’s by Jessica Bateman.

A street art festival is opening up this once ostracised community

Independant Logo TranspLocated half an hour outside of central Lisbon, Quinta do Mocho is one of the city’s many social housing projects, built cheaply and quickly in the 1990s and cut off from the main city thanks to a lack of public transport. Its residents are mostly from the former Portuguese colonies of Cape Verde, Guinea and Angola, and a combination of social exclusion, high unemployment and poor housing standards have contributed to the area suffering from high crime rates and a number of social problems.

However, residents are working to combat their forced ghettoisation by transforming the area into a tourist attraction through the use of street art. Over the past four years, 94 incredible works by artists from all over the world have been added to the sides of apartment blocks. Visitors can come see these independently or as part of a guided tour – an activity I’m taking part in today.

Jessica Bateman in The Independent Quinta Do Mocho: How this crime-plagued Lisbon Estate became the City’s coolest open air gallery.

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