Things to do from Lisbon: Day Trips

Lisbon is much more than a city destination


A lot of people go to Lisbon for an extended weekend. For obvious reasons: The city has a size and diversity that is perfect for a 4 – 5 day break without getting bored and at the same time leaving the city with the same feeling as the one you had when you finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and really looked forward to the follow-up.

Lisbon is very small compared to London, Barcelona, Rome and similar multi million Metropolis. But that is only an extra advantage: In the same time it takes to get out of the huge European Capitals, you can reach exotic, historical and completely different and fantastic scenarios from down town Lisbon.


Barreiro 2

THIS IS NOT A DAY TRIP – JUST ANOTHER SIDE OF LISBON 🙂  Lunch in Barreiro only 20 minutes by boat from Praça do Comércio. Take a 3 hr walk to Seixal and return by boat to Cais do Sodré… the perfect afternoon


Cross the bridges or pass the CREL (Circular Regional Exterior de Lisboa OR outer ring road) and you reach new and different nature, cultures, cuisines, people etc.

You only have to know, where to go.

Here is the list with some of our favorite day trips around 1 hour from Tings Lisbon – with links to Google Map Directions and inspiration/information


Annette & Thomas


A link guide to Lisbon’s day trips 

  1. Sintra  (1 h from Tings Lisbon by public transportation)
  2. Cascais  (1 h from Tings Lisbon by public transportation)
  3. Setubal as a day trip (1 h 30 min from Tings Lisbon by public transportation)
  4. Palmela for a day trip (1 h 20 min from Tings Lisbon by public transportation)
  5. Evora  (2 h from Tings Lisbon public transportation)
  6. Ericeira  (1 hr from Tings Lisbon by car)
  7. Mafra  (1 hr from Tings Lisbon by car)
  8. Sesimbra  (1 h from Tings Lisbon by car)


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