WIRED: The hottest startups in Lisbon

Golden Visas draw people to Portugal.

Portugal’s Golden Visa program is drawing people to the country and Lisbon continues its rise as a tech hub.



WIRED LOGO TRANSP.gifPortugal’s capital is consolidating its rapid rise as a tech hub – and, according to Faber Ventures partner Pedro Carmo Costa, seeding ecosystems in Porto, Coimbra and Braga.

The Portuguese government’s Golden Visa program, aimed at attracting startups from across Europe, follows moves by Mercedes and Volkswagen to create an innovation and incubation centre in the capital – and the talent is showing up.

“Young Portuguese graduates are choosing to stay here, and highly qualified workers are coming in from abroad,” says Clara Armand-Delille, who moved from London to found PR agency ThirdEyeMedia.

“Today, Portugal is a startup nation,” Costa says.

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30 minutes from our door in Graca, Lisbon we have our favorite beach. What's not to like?

Less than 30 min from our door in Graca we have some of the best beaches in the world with sun, sand and sea 9 month pr year. What’s not to like? 


Lisbon has a lot more to offer start-up’ers than Golden Visas

If you don’t have the 500,000 € it takes to get a Golden Visa – don’t panic. There are lots of other reasons to bring your projects to Lisbon. Like the Low Tax program, Lisbon’s many Start-Up Initiatives and the most important – we have the best quality of life with Europe’s best weather, super food, 30 minutes to the best beaches in the world and fantastic people.

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