Tings Lisbon is an inciting oasis for the free individual traveller

Travellers Choice 2016We opened Tings Kathmandu in Nepal as an international hotel in 2011 – with 24/7 staff & check in, house keeping, private bathroom fast internet and all the other requirements you expect from an international hotel…. except a bar like you find them in many of those places 🙂

We often gets 5 start reviews. But we’re don’t consider us as a 5 star hotel! We just want to be a nice and relaxed place to stay where the rooms reflects our travelling friends:

Each room has its own design, ambiance and personality – the results of Annette’s hard work inspired by our intense travelling the last 25 years.

If you are curious – have a look at the creative process here

Tings Lisbon is a small lounge hotel in the best part of town: Graça


If you’re curious to know what life on the road is like here is our 365 days in 2000/2001 in 3 minutes


We are both travelers with a lifetime of travel experience from different ways of traveling: Business, leisure, pilgrim, adventure, off the beaten track etc. from all over the world.

Based on that we have nailed the most essential of our needs when traveling – for comfort and relaxation: A place to stay, meet and exchange experiences, or just do nothing… and that’s what Tings is about.

Tings & Jonny Rotten

Annette & Thomas with Jørgen Angel’s unique portrait of Johnny Rotten

Even though Tings in Kathmandu often gets 5 star ratings from our guests, it doesn’t mean that Tings is a 5 star hotel – it’s something less and more. It’s a place where convenience and ambiance meet consideration and attitude

Like Tings in Kathmandu, Tings Lisbon has lots of cozy corners – outside and inside – 24/7 staff, daily house keeping, down duvet, heaters in the rooms in winter time, fans in the summer and all the requirement you get in an international hotel.

But don’t expect TV in your room – maybe a computer with access to your favorite streaming channels and/or online TV station. And things like a mini fridge will only be in rooms for long-term stays – or if you want them – we have small mobile fridges we can place in your room if you ask for it 🙂

In other words: We want to create an oasis for travelers and explorers with same interests and attitude as ours. A place for exchange. We and our young staff will spent so many hours here – that’s why we want to surround ourselves with the company of like-minded so we – and specially our staff – can develop new friendships.

Very egoistic 🙂

Annette & Thomas