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We can’t, you won’t & we don’t stop! – Sure Shot by The Beastie Boys


We – Annette and Thomas – have traveled the world together for almost 25 years. On business, as backpackers, as pilgrims etc.

We have visited some of the white spots on the world map and except for Antarctic and Oceania we have explored metropolises of all continents.

We have got lost in jungles, deserts and other wild places and dwelled in small villages where time has stopped.

We have spend more than 1.000 hotel nights in more than 50 countries over the last 15 years.

In other words, we know what travelling is about and believe that we know what fellow travellers/explorer/globetrotter needs when they visit big cities.

As professionals we have worked together for almost as many years.

Sometimes on common projects and sometimes on our own projects. But always using each other as the best sparring partner.

We have lots of differences, but a mutual respect for each other’s qualifications and a lot of love for each other.

Phillip & Tings Staff.jpg

At Tings Kathmandu 2012 with Phillip & our Nepalese family.


A few words and statements about us:

  • We are born in Denmark BUT consider ourselves as world citizens, with friends everywhere.
  • We have lived  together since 1993, married since 1994.
  • We are different BUT have a lot of interest in common.
  • We are open-minded, tolerant and with a zest for life.
  • We are intuitive – searchers – spiritual
  • We have been working with business and concept development for many years: (Generating, redefining, conceptualizing, optimizing, designing, branding)
  • We are specialized in ‘commercializing’ (evaluating potential, affiliations, sales, increasing businesses), communication & PR, running workshops & seminars, etc.

We feel that we have achieved what we want professionally – we don’t get more fun that what we have already had. Unless we change the stage.

Music means a lot to us: Miles Davis – So What


So, now what?

We want more purpose in life – and time for something more than just working. We want to continue our carriers but with different challenges.

We cannot save the world, but we want to use our skills, experiences and network to help other. And to – somehow – combine business and meaningful living.


Published 30 April 2010

(edited 5. May 2016)

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