Tings Tea Lounge

Tings Tea Lounge will not be just another cafe or restaurant. It will be a place, where free individual travelers can meet and exchange stories, ideas and connect.

Tings Tea Lounge will be an explorer’s hub 

Part of traveling is meeting people.

Lets face it – most people have time to meet when they are back at their hotel after a long day of sight seeing.

But most hotels have no ‘space’ for that… a space where you can take off your shoes and stretch your legs, checking your updates and listen to good music – and meet fellow travelers. They have a room for breakfast and an often spacious charmless reception – if you want to relax you have to go to your room.

At Tings Lisbon we will create a salon and/or ‘space’ where travelers and locals can hang out and exchange ideas and experiences. And a place where business people can work, have meetings or just relax next to artists planning their next project.

Since the opening of Tings Kathmandu in February 2011 a lot of our guests have met in the lounge and continued to connect on FB, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ or where else people connect online. And several people have met off line afterwards – either while travelling in other parts of the world OR after returning home.

A lot of art & business projects have grown from the lounge. Some of these, we’ve even had the privilege to be part of 🙂

Tings Tea Lounge will not be a traditional restaurant

That doesn’t mean that we won’t serve food.

We will!

Portugal has some of the best ingredients in the world – and we’re desperate to begin playing with them. Our food will be world food – inspired by travels around the world and made from ingredients available locally. And at prices most people can afford.

Remember we’re not chefs – we’re just like playing in a kitchen.

Tea is Annette’s passion. So prepare yourself for a treat. You will find some of the most exquisite teas in the world – served without milk, sugar and lemon!

And of course we will have a small selection of wines and the usual beers and drinks. But if you want to party, you will have to find other places. Tings is a hotel – not night club 🙂

If you want to have an idea about what to expect check out our Tings Tea Lounge’s menu in Kathmandu. But remember – this menu is based on whats available in Nepal.