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This is the best we have read about our hotel in Kathmandu, it gives us energy to open Tings Lisbon

travelers-choice-2016After trekking Poon Hill and visiting Chitwan, we stayed in Tings for one night before going home. We regretted …. should have stayed longer in this wonderful place.

At the time of checking-in, we were instantly impressed by the cozy atmosphere of the garden, totally isolated from the dusty street of Kathmandu. It was not a luxurious hotel, but stylish and comfy, nicely decorated with paintings/drawings, wooden benches and chairs.

The manager Dorjee was very helpful. She and her staff were all young and energetic, very helpful and diligent. We were nosy enough to get into their kitchen, meeting a group of playful and cheerful chefs. Great food indeed.

We stayed in the top lounge, which was very bright and clean, with two big bean-bags and a coffee table.

Even better, there was a nice big terrace attached to our balcony where you could take a lazy afternoon nap on the big couch …. a bed to be more exact. The best part of this place was indeed the design of space. You can almost find a couch/chair and a table anywhere, inside or outside the buildings, ground floor or upper floors, where you can hide away from other guests with privacy for your reading/drinking…. whatever you felt like.

Nicky L. from Hong Kong on TripAdvisor


Please have a few minutes patience

Annette & Thomas

When we arrived in Kathmandu to start-up Tings we had no experience in running hotels. But we had stayed in more than 1.000 hotels during the previous 20 years.

Let us explain what we have been doing since 2008, before we tell you why we posted the above review – after all it’s only 1 out of more than 200 reviews for Tings Kathmandu on TripAdvisor.

Since our return from a One-year-around-the-world travel in 2001 we played with the idea about creating something meaningful for all the super talented young boys and girls we have met all over the world.

From around 2008 the idea got more concrete:

We want to start-up a sustainable business in a developing country that operates on market conditions and generate sufficient profit to improve the life of the talented young boys and girls that come through our life. 

Back then our problem was that the businesses you usually find in developing countries are so far from our expertise and skills, that we could only think of one industry we felt we knew about: Traveling! 

But in a broader context of traveling: Life as a traveler – including accommodation, food, socializing, exploring, knowledge exchange, leisure,  etc.

Combining travel experience with Annette’s interest and experience within Brand Strategy & Identity and Interior Design, and Thomas’ ditto within Communication, Business Focus and Start Up we developed a new concept for a target group we knew very well: People like ourselves.


Tings is created by using our strategic experience from our past


We want Tings to be much more than ‘just’ a hotel & lounge. Our businessplan outlines potential business.

We called the concept TINGS and defined our core activity: To create a number of hotels and lounges called Tings Tea Lounge & Lounge Hotel.

From our work with these hotels we wanted to grow a wider range of elements & activities like gallery, events, design products etc.

Making plans is something we know about. We have been working with that for years in our past. Only this time we were our own clients. 

The finished business plan was created from a very detailed brand platform that gives us visual guidelines & dogmas for almost all aspects of businesses and tasks within the Tings Universe.


With our ready-to-roll-out-business-plan in our hands we went to our top 3 countries/markets and checked out the potential.

We choose Kathmandu as our first marked, left Copenhagen in 2009 and started working.

…. and that brings us back to the quote above.

This review not only nail the core elements in our brand essence. It proofs that our strategy, target group, human intentions and efforts are SPOT ON!

The ambition from the start was to create a business that the young staff can run themselves within 12 months – without our physical presence.

At the time of writing Dorjee is not only managing Tings Kathmandu – she is doing it in a way that creates an international and relaxed ambiance that keeps Tings as one of the most popular Hotels in Nepal. From a business as well as traveling point of view. And she has become our partner as well.

What the reviewer doesn’t know is all the activities & elements that has grown from Tings Kathmandu and now have their own lives outside the hotel.

Today Tings Kathmandu has mushroomed into Tings Art (our art and culture consultancy business) and Tings Ting (our cashmere, jewelry, soap and other products). And in 2017 Tings Lisbon will open.

The black figures prove the success of Tings. But a review like the one above means more. How often do you get that in the business world.


Dorje is not only the most talented woman we’ve met in our many years in Kathmandu – she is also the energy that keeps us doing what we do.  To she her devolope as a woman and as a human being is worth everything. 


In some ways Tings is our most ambitious project… so far 🙂

Not so much because we have proven that our plan works – we have done that in many other projects. And not so much because of the scale of business – other projects have had far bigger reach.

But Nepal is a country with corruption, bureaucracy, earthquakes, medieval traditions and lack of skilled employees. All this combined with an infrastructure with sometimes only 6 hours electricity pr day, slow (and some times) no web, water problems and a culture so far from the disciplined Northern European culture we’re born in, have challenged us in different ways compared to the international companies we’ve worked for and with before.


Our 2nd Tings hotel will be in Lisbon, in the best location in town.

The success in Kathmandu has prepared us for new ventures – to take Tings to other countries, to creating other Tings business or something to us yet unknown. But this time it will not be in a developing country.

The thing is – since we left Copenhagen in 2009 we have become much wiser.

You find a lot of young unexploited talent in the Developing Countries. BUT you also find a lot of people, organisations and loads of money that want to help.

After having witnessed the international charity business spreading money like dirt we have realized that the situation among young boys and girls in some European countries is in many ways more difficult. Here they don’t have the funds the international society spends. And they don’t have the safety net from family (and local society) you find in countries like Nepal, Myanmar ao.

Being young, unemployed & broke in Europe is depressing. So we chose Europe for our 2nd Tings 🙂

Right now our focus is to start-up Tings in Lisbon.

Graça, September 2015.

Thomas & Annette

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