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We have no ambition of making the best hotel in Lisbon – just a place we like ourselves So if you find our stories interesting and inspirational you will most probably like Tings Lisbon in Graça, the bohemian part of town.

This is here we write about our life & experiences and about things we find interesting in Lisbon and especially in our own hood.

We also share news we find in newspapers & magazines, on blogs & websites, on TV & radio and on social networks from all over the world.

Every morning we get hundreds of updates. Most of them we find irrelevant. Either because we already know about the subject or because it’s about something we’re not interested in.

When we read something about art, culture, food, travel, business, tourism and other things we find interesting we don’t mind sharing with our friends, followers and people just surfing by.

We always add our own comments to the stories we share – either because we have additional information or because we don’t agree with the journalist and have other suggestions.

Hope you find inspiration and hope to see you here in Lisbon and hopefully in Graça

December 2016

Annette & Thomas

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