Green Lounge


The best way to relax is in a hotel with king size bathtub. We have 2 at Tings Lisbon



Green Lounge Balcony

Soon with flowers 🙂

Our Green Lounge is located on the second floor in the big house.

From the French door opening up towards the street you can follow the life on the Miradouro da Senhora do Monte.

The bed is a white and wide four-poster bed  (160 x 200 cm) and the room is spacious with a  couch, that can be turned into an extra bed.

If you – like we do – love relaxing in the bathtub together Green Lounge is the room for you. In the spacious bath room you will find a dbl bathtub and a couch in the window to chill with a book.

Green Lounge Poul Ekelund.jpg

Poul Ekelund

Like all our other rooms Green Lounge has original art on the walls. But where the art in all our other rooms are are presents and/or are bought from all our Tings Art exhibitions and events the art in Green Lounge is from our private collection.

Green Lounge Valasse Ting

Valasse Ting anno ’77

Actually both pieces are Annette’s. Poul Ekelund’s painting of a Danish Landscape is from her child hood home – as long back as she remembers (2-3 years old she says).

Her Valasse Ting from the 80ies (surprise!!!) was never my personal favorite – until now where it almost defines the room.

And after getting a new and more stylish frame I have changed my mind completely. It’s as if it gets a new life.

Room Price (low/high season): € 110/135


Prices are including vat & breakfast – go to bookings to read more about what you pay for, before you send us your booking by mail

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