Triangle 2nd

Ever stayed in a triangular room? Our hotel here in Lisbon has two 🙂

Triangle 2 TransparantLocated on the second floor in the big house, this triangle room is something quite special

Two corridors leading up to a triangle room with: a level raised above the floor, tables in the corners, a big mattress in the middle, and a step down to the French door opening up towards the street.

From here you can follow the life on the Miradouro da Senhora do Monte.

The room is exotic, spiritual and/or just a relaxing spot with its – to some people – unusual colors and levels. The room many dream of making at home but only a few dare to make.

Mandala Brijen and Deepa.jpgThe art in this room is not really art. OR it is really real art – it’s a Mandala given to us by our dear friends Brijen and Deepa, when we told the world that we wanted to start-up in Lisbon – the art of caring and sharing 😉

It’s the power from this beautiful piece that has helped us through these sometimes hard struggles with the Portuguese bureaucracy. A power that will now make our guests stay in the Triangular room on 2nd more pleasant.

Room Price (low/high season): € 65/85

Prices are including vat & breakfast – go to bookings to read more about what you pay for, before you send us your booking by mail



layout triangle 2 TRANSPARENT