Why Lisbon?

Lisbon is not only fantastic. Its the best place to start up a hotel

We have known it for years. Now the rest of the world is starting to discover:


I 2012 we decided to start up our second hotel in the best part of Lisbon: Graça.

National-Geographic-Traveler-PortugalBy then Tings Tea Lounge & Lounge Hotel in Kathmandu was so well run by Dorje and our fantastic staff that we didn’t have to be there full time any longer.

We decided to move to Yangon in Myanmar – a country we have loved and traveled in for 20 years.

After 2 years we were forced to put Yangon on hold. A crazy real estate situation where prices doubled from one day to the next, made it impossible for us to make the place we want in the right location for the kind of travelers that Tings is intended for.


Where then?

First: It had to be an attractive place with lots of potential for travelers.

Second: It must be a place where Tings can make a difference.

Finally it must be a place where our way of working with young people would be relevant.

With the economical situation in Southern Europe it somehow felt more relevant to look into that part of the world in stead of focusing on the developing countries where NGOs are sitting on the back of each other to give away money.

From there the choice of Lisbon was obvious. We love the city and the country, have family and friends there, have traveled there for a life time and it still has this feel where all is possible.

Our houses in Rua da Senhora do Monte when we took them over


After 6 months research we choose Lisbon as our next destination for Tings 2

Lisbon is not only the last undiscovered tourist destination in Europe. After spending most of 2nd half of 2014 researching in Lisbon we discovered another thing. Real estate prices were at a level that made it possible for us to find exactly what we were looking for.

So where everything worked against us in Yangon the situation in Lisbon was – and still is – completely opposite.

We have a rule of thumb that helps us in complicated situations.


When things work against you and become too difficult it’s because something better is waiting for you out there.

On 1 August we got the perfect house in the most attractive part of Lisbon. Rua da Senhora do Monte #37 – #43 in lovely Graça 50 meters from the Miradouro.