Lisbon is the perfect city to study.

10 reasons to study in Lisbon

2015_study_lisbon_spLisbon is an unforgettable destination for all students who want a unique experience in terms of university lifestyle, hospitality, gastronomy, culture, and leisure.

If we we’re younger Lisbon would definitely be a location we would consider – and to study here is definitely something we recommend all our young friends.

Study In Lisbon lists 10 reasons why Lisbon is a very attractive place to study – we agree to all of them. They are the same as the reasons why Starting Up here is so attractive. One thing though – you need to be 100 % funded from ‘home’. Its hard to get a part time job to spice up your campus life.

Study In Lisbon’s headlines are here – read more on their website.

  1. Excellency in Education
  2. Affordable Tuition and Cost of Life
  3. Accommodation and Housing
  4. Sporting Opportunities and Great Climate
  5. Friendly People and a Welcoming City
  6. Culture and Creativity
  7. Safety
  8. A Green City
  9. Leisure and Entertainment
  10. A Cosmopolitan City Open to the World




From 10 – 14 October Lisbon celebrates international students to promoting the benefits of studying in Portuguese capital.

the portuguese news logoThe week is aimed at celebrating the thousands of international students who chose to take their degrees in Lisbon and make the city their home for the duration.

For this, Lisbon Council is launching the week-long Study in Lisbon event which includes a range of free activities, culminating in a reception for over 600 foreign students at Lisbon Town Hall by Mayor Fernando Medina.

Source: The Portugal News

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