About Tings

our guests are international - but our involvement is local

Welcome to the best One Star Hotel in Lisbon​

An inciting oasis for the free individual traveller

In 2009 we arrived in Kathmandu with 2 back packs, 2 PCs, 2 mobile phones and a business plan for a small hotel.

We had absolutely NO experience in neither running hotels nor the hotel industry. But the previous 15 years we’ve stayed in more than 2,000 hotels around the world and new what we liked.

The ambiance we have experienced at Helga’s Foley in Kandy, Sri Lanka, Xavier’s place in Chulamani, Bolivia, Chez Silvie in Yangon, Myanmar and a few other cozy hotel gems are our inspirations and what we want our hotels to be: Small inciting oasis where travelers meet 🙂

Hope you like it.
We want to create places and teach someone to run them. Like our manager and partner Dorje who runs Tings Kathmandu.
Its all about people! The day we got our Tings sign Coco from Madagascar came from UK where she lives. We met her in Kathmandu.

Ambiance and convenience

Ambiance is our focus: to make people feel relaxed

So don’t expect bidet, TV, hair dryers, mini fridges, laundry service and similar ‘items’ that generate the points you need to get Stars in the Portuguese Hotel Category System.

Instead we have a beautiful garden, places to relax, super fast internet, lots of international magazines, common kitchen for foodies, home made bread for breakfast, 100 % cotton bed linen unique art in all rooms and 24 hr staff.

The bonus is our beautiful cats that are very generous with their love. Unless of course you are allergic OR hates pets.

But then again – you can’t please all travelers

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