We’re not surfers – but we love beaches – and especially Praia da Nazare.


More fantastic photos on McNamara’s website

And then we love swimming in the Atlantic Sea.

After 8 years in Asia with its piss temperature water is fantastic to get back to a refreshing swim in the wavy sea we have missed so much.

We are both skilled swimmer – BUT in Portugal – and especially on the Surfer Beaches we have the deepest respect for the power of the sea.

Have a look at Garrett McNamara surfing at the Nazare beach below – the you will understand why you have to be careful and follow the color of the flags on the beach.

Are they red – then stay away.

And while your here – click below and read the super interview with McNara about surfing in Portugal  in Frankfurter Algemeine (its in German – but Google Translate helps a lot)


The American surfer Garrett McNamara found the great happiness in a small place in Portugal.

Frankfurter Algemeine LOGO.gifNazare, in November. Miguel Cruz is an old fisherman. He is standing next to two colleagues in the port of Nazaré in front of a garage, behind them are stacked angling nets, dead fish lying beside lures in boxes, fishing lines hanging from the ceiling.

What are the fishermen doing right now? “Speaking, smoking, patching nets,” says Cruz.”If we are not on the sea, we are always here.” There are about 200 fishermen in the Portuguese town, some of them even sleeping in the garages.

A couple of years ago, an exotic guest intermingled with them: American Garrett McNamara has rented a garage at the harbor, two jet skis, gigantic surfboards sticking up to the ceiling, neoprene suits hang on the wall.

McNamara does not chase any fish, he’s behind the biggest waves in the world. Five years ago, in November 2011, he took a jet ski from Nazaré to a 24-meter crusher. He escaped alive, until today this is the biggest wave ever hit.

Read Sebastian Eder’s fantastic interview with MvNamara yesterday here. STUNNING PHOTOS AND VIDEO

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