We prefer a cheap hotel to even the best Hostel in Lisbon?

Lisbon must be the city in the world with most Hostels? Why do people sleep there?

In 2012 we decided to postpone our plans of starting up Tings Yangon in Myanmar – a project we had been working on for 2 years – and instead start-up in Lisbon. We have traveled in Lisbon since 1996 and felt we knew the city. Still we decided to do what we have been preaching in previous marketing careers – make a little research to check out the possibilities, competition etc before we took the final decision.

There was nothing in the Lisbon hospitality market that surprised us – except for one thing: All the Hostels!

We have been travelling everywhere, and stayed in all kinds of accommodation – including hostels. But we have never visited a city with so many hostels as travelers find in Lisbon.

But the biggest surprise for us was to see that it wasn’t only young student’s and low-budget travelers that stays in hostels. Travelers our age – singles, couples and families –  use this kind of accommodation and sleeps in bunk beds in rooms that accommodate from 6 to 12 farting and snoring guests arriving home from parties at all hours.

How do they sleep? And what about sex – I mean that is still a part of traveling… OR?

Nomadic Matt LOGONo one wants to spend a year traveling around the world and not come back with at least one story of overseas romance. Magical nights spent in exotic cities, two souls exploring the world together. Or at least one drunken night in that hostel in Europe.

Kindred spirits abound on the travel trail, and people are constantly starting and ending relationships – sometimes in the same day. So there you are, in that hostel with your new romance – what do you do? Where will you go? Well, here are some do’s and don’ts for having sex in a hostel:

How romantic is this? Read Nomadic Matt’s dos and dont’s about sex in hostels


These 10 reasons to stay in a hostel a complete are pure nonsense.

Student Universe LOGODo you want to experience other cities & countries but not worry so much about the cost of accommodation? Why not try a hostel?

Hostels are more than just for sleeping! They also have…

Read Student Universe’s 10 reasons to stay in a hostel here.

I seriously try to understand this strange accommodation concept and asked Google for help. The result was a link to Student World’s website where they list 10 reasons why you should stay in a hostel. Most of them complete nonsense.

  1. Cheap Beds!
    AGREE – most of the beds you find are cheap. BUT if you are travelling 2 together and stay in the top end Hostels in Down Town Lisbon – it’s not difficult to find cosy private rooms in smaller hotels around town – including breakfast, private bath.When we decided to try staying in one of the hostels we ended up paying 60 €. On top of the room charge we had to pay for towels…
  2. Wireless Internet
    WRONG – except for a few 5 Star hotels that belongs to the past you get free internet everywhere.
  3. Knowledgeable Locals
    WRONG – Hostels in Lisbon a packed with young Erasmus foreigners who makes extra money in hostels.
  4. Meeting Other Travelers
    In the right kind of hotels you also meet travellers…
  5. Communal Spirit
    Again depending on what kind of hotel you stay in. It’s not difficult to find super hotels that has their own common space OR has a cosy cafe next door.
  6. Great Locations
  7. Relaxed Atmosphere
    Depending on what kind of hotel you stay in
  8. Discount Tickets
    ???? I don’t get this at all!!!
  9. Guest Kitchen
    AGREE – most hotels do not have a common kitchen. But being food travellers ourselves we know how much it means to being able to shop in the local market and cook yourself. Not because of the money – in Lisbon it’s actually cheaper to eat in a local Tasca. The important thing is NOT to depend on a menu – to creat your own food.
  10. Unusual Lodging
    YES – Unless you like sleeping surrounded by snoring and farting strangers hostels are very unusual lodgings. 


22 Things You Should Know Before You Stay In A Hostel

The second link Google gave me was to a story in Huffington Post from 2014 that confirmed me in all my prejudices.

huffington-post-logoHostels are the best part of studying abroad. …and the worst part. …and the most insanely, ridiculously funny part.

Heed our advice, young children, and know before you go.

Read Huffington’s post: 22 Things You Should Know Before You Stay In A Hostel


The huge number of hostels in Lisbon must be a flash in the pan that only lasts untill the number of hotels reach a ‘normal’ level – and that will take time due to a crazy level of bureaucracy that kills all hotel projects.

Untill then,

Enjoy your bunk beds



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