What-to-skip in Lisbon is the best guide we’ve seen so far

2 of the sights on this Lisbon Guide’s ‘What-To-Skip’-list are next to our hotel. Still the guide is our favorite!

You’ve probably already seen some Top 10 lists, which always have the exact same things in them. But if you ask me, some of them are not all they’re hyped up to be

How often do you read that in a Traveller Guide? Not very often.

We’ve never before read a Travel Guide that recommends its readers to skip 1) Sao Jorge Castle, 2) Tram 28, 3) Santa Justa Lift and #4 Belem Tower.

Marek does! And that’s one of the things that makes his Indie Traveller blog better than others. His picks and the way he writes about them, shows that he not only knows what he is writing about – but also love it 🙂

We agree in his ‘what to skip’-suggestions: Sao Jorge Castle is beautiful to watch from one of Lisbon’s many view points. And we don’t understand why all tourists insist on wasting time waiting to get  cramped inside Tram 28 with other sweating travellers instead of using one of the other trams – like 15E that takes you to MAAT, CCB and the other sights in Belem. The Santa Justa lift is daylight robbery – same goes with the Belem Tower. We wouldn’t mind adding a few other sights on the list – but that’s personal 🙂

View fro Graca  Miradouro.jpg

Graça, to the northeast of Alfama, is off the usual sightseeing track and has kept a lot of local flavor, with Miradouro da Graça one of the city’s best viewing points – Marek writes about our hood. We agree. But its much more – Maybe we should show him around 😉

Ultimate City Guide to Lisbon, Portugal

Top places to visit, Lisbon travel tips, and where to stay

Indie Traveller LogoI’ve travelled the world far and wide, but no place made me fall in love as much as Lisbon. The pastel colored houses, hilltop views, vintage trams, and windy cobblestone streets all conspire to make Lisbon an utterly charming place.

While it still has much neglect and faded facades from years of financial crisis (though this is not without a kind of raw beauty), the city is undergoing incredible revitalisation. There is a ton to do in Lisbon, and while you can have a great weekend city break here, I think you just as easily spend a whole week.

In fact, I’ve been living here for five months now and keep discovering new things! Read on for my tips on some of the best places to visit in Lisbon.

Marek’s Indie Traveller Guide is highly recommended!

2 thoughts on “What-to-skip in Lisbon is the best guide we’ve seen so far

  1. Thanks for your lovely praise. It’s too bad the same tourist traps always get recommended. There’s so much to discover in Lisbon and my guide barely even scratches the surface. (I haven’t even yet mentioned Marvila or other off the beaten track areas!) Love your blog, good luck with the launch of your hotel!

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