Why Créons is our first artist at Tings Lisbon

Créons was the first to greet us when we moved to Lisbon.

Créons is one of the 3 street artists whose works dominate the local street art scene in the 3 years we have lived in Graça.

We have followed Créons for 3 years – or they have followed us?

Every time we returned to Graça from Kathmandu we have been greeted by a new colourful ‘pen’ on a neighbouring wall – as if the pen has been waiting for us.



It has happened so often that we ended up feeling like being friends. And as we do with friends – we invited Créons to our place as the first artist in our new Lounge.

I took a while to find the artist ‘him’.

But after a couple of weeks search on various social networks we finally got the message we have been waiting for: You are looking for me?

The artist whom we thought was from Graça turned out to be Belgian. And to be incognito because of his works.



On 8 October we will open Créons – with 20 works and a brand-new wall by the artist behind Créons

Snacks, drinks and music from 4 – 6 pm.

The artist will not be present.

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