CNN: The world’s best city beaches. Copenhagen and Lisbon

Copenhagen is #1 on the list of best city beaches in the world

The problem with Copenhagen is the unpredictable weather that makes it impossible to plan…

The last two weeks the sun has been shining from morning until evening with average temperatures around 25 ℃. Then Copenhagen is the best city break destinations in the world.

Lisbon is #7 on the list which is amazing – but opposite Copenhagen the weather here is mild and very reliable which makes it the best city break destination on our personal List of City Beach Destinations.

Our beach tip

When we want to go for a swim and a couple of hours in the sun and don’t have a car we only rarely use beaches on the stretch between Lisbon and Cascais which we find too crowded and too stressing.

For strange reasons people forget the part of Lisbon on Tejo Rivers southern bank… so we just take the boat from Belem to Trafaria and walk to Cova do Vapor – the not-so-hidden but for strange reason forgotten gem you pass by when arriving to Lisbon 🙂


The sandy strip that separate Tejo River and the Atlantic Ocean is our small city-beach-paradise. And it just opposite Belem


cnn-logo-squareCooling off on a summer city break doesn’t have to mean going on a sweat-soaked search for the nearest air-con unit.

These classic destinations offer plenty of spots for taking a dip and shaking off the heat with the locals…

Check out the list here


Beach Lovers? Here is best thing about Lisbon.

This beach is only 30 minutes drive from our door!!! 🙂

Praia Bella Vista is one of the best beaches around Lisbon only 30 minutes by car from Tings Lisbon

Less than 1 hr from Lisbon – by car or by public transportation – we have some of the beach beaches in the world according to our taste. Click on the photo to get more information

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