Best-of-Lisbon with Kids. A media update for our hotel guests

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Like Paul Bernhardt’s what-to-do-with-kids guide to Lisbon from USA Today we shared the first time last year. The recommendations are still relevant and worth sharing with the up-coming Family Travellers spending their Easter Holiday in Lisbon.




usatoday10bestThere are lots of things to do with kids in Lisbon, and plenty of visitor attractions to keep them occupied.

Youngsters of all ages will love the sea life at the brilliant Oceanário de Lisboa, located at Parque das Nacões.

Over in Sintra, the fantastic Quinta da Regaleira is a veritable wonderland with caves, grottos and underground walkways to explore. One of the most convenient ways to discover the Portuguese capital is to take a Hills Tramcar Tour – let the kids sit by the window! Across the river is the Fragata D. Fernando II e Glória, a marvelous and fully restored 19th-century wooden warship.

All children like the zoo and at the city’s exciting Jardim Zoolígico the residents include rare white tigers. Another favourite attraction for kids is the Pavilhão do Conhecimento-Ciência Viva, where learning about physics and science is a fun-packed interactive experience. It’s situated back at Parque das Nacões, where the Telecabine cable car also operates – a great highlight for children! Lisbon’s most famous historic landmark is Castelo de São Jorge, and what child doesn’t like exploring a castle?

Also in the city is the charming Museu da Marioneta. Here kids can learn about the history of puppetry, and even join a workshop.

And for a sightseeing trip with bags of family appeal, book an excursion with HIPPOtrip. They use an amphibious custom-built vehicle to tour the city before driving it into the river to explore Belém.

Read Paul Bernhardt’s 10 Best Things To Do In Lisbon with kids on USA Today


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