This blog post is better than even the best Lisbon Guide book!

One of the things we love about Lisbon are all the fantastic beaches you can reach within an hour. We blog frequently about them - and lots of travelers use our stories. Click op the photo to get more info.
... in the uncertain, fast-changing travel landscape we find ourselves in, it’s also critical for travelers to have up-to-date advice they can base their decisions on, which calls into question the format of printed guides published before the crisis.

Instead, as certain travel publishers use this period of downtime to introduce new customers to their e-book offering, we will see them focusing their efforts on finessing their digital output – websites, apps, e-books, podcasts and social media content.

We haven't used guide books for ages.

Being hardcore travelers in the 80’s and 90’s Lonely Planet, Rough Guide and Le Guide du Routard were important ‘tools’ in our life. These guide books were the best access to updated information about how to get from A to B, accommodation options, border crossings etc when travelling off-the-beaten-track. The way the travel landscape has changed – and especially how easy it has become to get access to information when you need them – has made printed guidebooks history.

When we know where to go, we use the endless source of valuable information you find on countless blogs and travel communities to plan and book all you need to get away. And while being on the road all essential information are only a click away. But whats best are all the experiences you – back in the old days – knew were just-around-the-corner but impossible to find – these parties & events are not only relatively easy to get. If you are curious and open minded you may be lucky get invitations form like minded locals to take you there…

I don’t even remember the last one we bought a printed guide-book – but it must have been in the last century.  

We used to get inspiration from Lifestyle Magazines, Inflight Magazines & Travel Magazines, Newspapers Travel Features and Novels. But even here online blogs has taking over.

Thanks to Google alerts, WordPress Reader, hashtags etc I wake up to a long list of inspiring readings that could keep me busy all day….   

Spotted By Locals recently listed us as one of the is one of the best blogs in 2020: So if you need inspiration we have hundreds of post about what we find interesting ourselves: Our own discoveries, our own experiences, stories we have found on various media, stories from friends and relevant news and info’s in general.

If you are planning to go to Lisbon – or maybe you’ve already decided to go – you may find the links below useful. It’s a selection we have selected from taken from LisbonLisboaPortugal hundreds of links. When it comes to Traditional Guide Book information this is the best travel guide to Lisbon in our opinion. There are thousands of other – and probably better alternatives  out there. But the links below will cover most of the travelers needs. 


Annette & Thomas

Guide books may still be good for inspiration...







The rivers are Amazona’s Highways Randy Smith wrote in and old National Geographic I found in a backpacker bar. Lets go boat hiking to Regal Bar in Eifel’s Iron House in Iquitos, Peru. I said to Annette. We we’re in Coca at Rio Napo in Ecuador. 10 days later we arrived – but only because of Annette’s Comminicator 1999 we used to get hold of Randy who gave us the necessary information about how to get there, what to bring etc. That was in 2001 

We have been first movers – no doubt about that. We meet many travelers who insist in using guide books. 

But that must be history.

Covid has changed peoples lives in many ways. The most radical changes must be how the world almost instantly has accepted online services even the most conservative online ignorants have refused.  Today they use Zoom, online shopping, UBER Eats, Shop, Streaming etc as if these services have been there forever.  

Once the world opens for travelling again the first thing people will do is to go online to check the Covid situation: Possible travel destinations, possible transportation options, rule, restrictions and regulations and all other essential information you will need the first many month until ‘things’ get back to normal. And once your online algorithms will guide all other information and inspiration you didn’t even know you  needed.

So its very hard to imagine a ‘life’ for traditional guidebooks after Covid. 

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