Alfama… Why? Go to Graça!

Sitting on a hilltop, the highest in Lisbon, right next to the picturesque Castelo de São Jorge, Graça could sell tickets as the neighborhood with the best panoramic views in town.

Two of the city’s most beautiful miradouros (viewpoints) are here (Graça and Senhora do Monte), and there’s nothing that the other six hills of Lisbon can do about it.

Culinary Backstreet

We have some of Lisbon's best street ourt just outside our hotel. Shepard Farey's Carnation Wall is the first thing you see when you enter Graça. But you have to search for his collaboration with VHILS
Welcome! Shepard Farey’s Carnation Wall is the first thing you see when you enter Graça from Alfarma and Baixa. You have to search for his collaboration with VHILS

Forget cities. It’s all about neighborhoods!

Forget countries and cities – according to Culinary Backstreeet the neighborhood is the ideal unit of City Exploration.

Like in 2018 Culinary Backstreet kicks off the year by highlighting the happening neighborhoods off the main tourist trail, as well as the people and places that keep them going, in the most happening cities around the world.

So if you are looking for the unsung local culinary heroes and other happening places in neighborhoods off the beaten track in cool cities like Athens, Barcelona, Istanbul, Naples, Mexico City, Queens, Shanghai, Tblisi, Tokyo and of course Lisbon, Culinary Back Street is a must read.

The famous American street artist Shepard Fairey has painted two murals in Graça, and celebrities are said to be fleeing up the hill from Alfama, yet residents still shop in traditional grocery stores…

Célia Pedroso, Culinary Backstreet

For many years people told me to stop bragging when I claimed tha Graça has some of the best places to eat and drink. Guess its OK that Culinary Backstreet does it now.. (Shh... our favorite bars and restaurants are not mentioned)
Sunday family lunch at our friend Luis Manuel Meol’s restauramt Penalva de Graça

Going to Lisbon, go to Graça!

If you fancy a bohemian, semi intellectual ambiance surrounded by locals doing their daily shopping at the local butchers, bakeries and grocery shops, or having lunch or dinner in one of the many until now unspoiled Tascas and Marisquerias, then Graça is the place. And don’t worry. Graça is not a museum – we also have the best Crafted Beer Bars in town, a crafted padaria and the best Club here…

We have known it for years, a few insiders have picked it up occasionally the last years – it has even been front paging a few intellectual media. But now you can get a very detailed guide in Culinary Backstreet – one of the best introductions we have seen so far…

Some of our own personal favorites are not featured – but you know where and how to get them 🙂

See you soon

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